Our Purpose

The main objective of Mixcure is to make animal production systems successful. This success is determined by the correct decisions taken daily which are based on sound scientific knowledge. As several factors are not within the control of the enterprise, correct decisions are of critical importance. To follow recipes is the wrong strategy because the environment (climate, markets, politics, economy technology) is ever-changing. To master controllable biological and financial principles is more desirable.

Competitive Advantage

The principal consultant of Mixcure is Kobus Swart who graduated with a Ph. D-degree from Free State University in Animal Nutrition. He served as a researcher and lecturer in the Department of Animal Science for 15 years and was also head of the postgraduate Centre for Sustainable Agriculture at the same university.

In 1996 he entered the feed industry as an independent animal nutrition consultant and has accumulated valuable experience in feed formulation, feed product development as well as advising customers on practical animal feed management. He focuses on beef nutrition and management including feedlot and cow/calf production systems. He serves as an animal nutrition consultant for several feedlots and farming operations throughout Southern Africa.

Mixcure liaises with several other specialists and institutions with expert specialised knowledge, and therefore ultimately benefiting its customers.

Own range of Mixcure products

Mixcure offers a range of self-formulated products to assist the feedlot owner to mix feedlot rations accurately, practically and cost-effectively. The products take the nutritional requirements of the different phases of growth as well as different mixing sizes into consideration to ensure that the feed is mixed easily and accurately.