Production & Management

In an ever changing market, ruminant milk and meat production must continually develop cost-effective ways to promote animal health, performance and product quality. Food safety and traceability, as well as animal welfare are playing key roles in consumer decisions. To manage a feedlot successfully and sustainably different aspects need careful consideration, planning and execution.


Both the design and appropriate equipment have a profound influence on the ability of an enterprise to run a feedlot successfully.

Quality of

The quality of animals that gain access to a feedlot has a significant influence on the productivity and profitability of meat production in a feedlot.

General health

The health of the animals in a feedlot is fundamental to a successful production process.

Feedlot management and routine

The animal feedlot is an intensive production system that needs constant management to keep the animals healthy, minimize stress and maximize voluntary feed intake.


The feedlot industry makes use of different products and pharmaceutical technologies to manipulate and enhance production.

Feedlot economy and sensitivity analysis

Many factors determine the productivity and profitability of a feedlot.  To be able to focus on all aspects simultaneously is not possible.